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Mar 25, 2012

Split ,Cut,Merge MP3 File with Linux console command (Ubuntu)

1. Cutter, Editor, Merger:

Install mp3 splt & mp3 wrap using,

sudo apt-get install mp3wrap mp3splt

a) To Split:

Put the mp3 files in home folder, and execute the following command in the terminal. 

$ mp3splt filSource.mp3 00.10 00.48 01.20

Now the file will splitted to two halves.
First Half, from 00:10 to 00:48 and
Second half, from 00:48 to 01:20

b) To merge or to join: 

$ mp3wrap fileDestination.mp3 file1Tomerg.mp3 file2Tomerge.mp3

Input Files, file1Tomerg
OutPut File, file2Tomerg

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