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Apr 11, 2012

Tuto 3 iPnohe:making background image iphone application in xcode


we will add the image above in the background of a view.
1.Open The Project of the previous tuto.
2.Double Click on .xib File .
3. drag a UIImage View from "Library" to "view"

4.We have a tree of views in xib Window , So Change the priority of UIImageView to become in background.So Image View take the place of the first view in the tree .

-Now, you may notice the difference between the position of imageView in the image below and one in the image above

6-Add the image which would be in background : Copy>Right Click On the project >Paste

7-Select ImageView in "View" window & go to inspector , The first Tab.

8-Choose The Picture ,you will find the name of the image in a scrollable list since the image has been copied and configured by XCodec

9-Don't forget to Save .xib file .


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