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Apr 18, 2012

Tuto1 : "Weka" => Quick Start

1.Download Weka :
       a.For linux : Click Here to download
       b.For Windows : Click Here to download.
2.Open Weka:
       a.With linux (Ubuntu): 

  •     Open terminal in ./weka-3-6-0/ folder .
  •     $  PATH=$PATH:.
  •     $ chmod 777 *
  •     $ weka.jar &

 And you will get this UI : 
     b.With Windows :

  •                     install weka .
  •                     go to <%PATH_OF_INSTALLATION%>\weka-x-y\
  •                      Double Click on weka.jar

                  And you will get this UI:

3. Weka Environments:
   After you run it, you get the window title WEKA GUI CHOOSER with the following environments:   

                                an environment for exploring data    
      b. Experimenter:
                  an environment to perform experiments and statistical tests between the learning patterns.
      c.KnowledgeFlow :it's such as Explorer but it's an environment with "Drag &Drop" UI and
      d.Simple CLI :
                                command line interface.

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