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May 14, 2012

1. Intoduction To SOA

Introduction to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  => Web Services technology extended (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI) is used as solution implementation
  =>and the Java (JAX-WS, OpenESB) is used as a development platform.

1.To  SOA architecture. 
2.SOA generalities
3. Service Definition
4.Extended Services Web  & REST
5.Web Service Providers :

1.To SOA architecture : 

* DCOM, CORBA, EJB, RMI, .Net Remoting, … are solutions for distributed application .
    a. Interoperability if components use the same solution .
    b.Transport Protocol  need Network Configuration
    c. specific data representation format  .
(Solution) : 
  -Evolution of Distributed Application : (Client/Server>>Web Application>>SOA)

2.SOA Generalities  :
  -SOA : Service Oriented Architecture :
   -SOA Paradigm : Search(ابحث ) , Publish(نشر) , Consume(استهلك)

3. Service Concepts :
  3.1.Definition(Service) :
      service is a distributed software component, exposing functionality with high added value of a business domain .
  (un service est un composant logiciel distribué, exposant les fonctionnalités à fort valeur ajoutée d'un domaine métier [M.Baron])
   3.2. Aspects of Service : 
  A.Contract standardized , B.loose coupling, C.abstraction, D.reusability, E.autonomy, F.stateless G.discoverability, H.composability

      3.2.A.Contract standardized :
      -it's contract between service Provider & service Consumer .
      -There is 3 types of contract :
        >>>Linked to Service Syntax : (Operations,Input & Output Messages...)
        >>>Linked to Service Semantic : Definition of rules and constraints .
        >>>Linked to Service quality:(time of response ....)
       -is based on interoperability standards to facilitate dialogue(such as WSDL) .
       3.2.B.loose coupling:
          -Use of Messages(Exchanges between provider and consumers).
          -Use of Orchestration.

      3.2.C. Abstraction :
         -The working of the Service is "black box".(boîte noire)
         -The service contract must contain only the information relevant to its invocation.
      ==>ensure the predictability(القدرة على التنبؤ) of a service ,
      3.2.D. Reusability & discoverability:
       -The service is accessible through  a directory(annuaire) to facilitate its discovery .

     3.2.E. Autonomy & Stateless(sans état) :
      -Service shouldn't have dependency with another External Service .
     -Ensure Autonomy of Service ===> Ensure its Predictability .
      -Service should be stateless  to minimize resource consumption  .  

     -service must run in a modular way and not integrated.  .
     -Orchestration ensure composability of services .

4.Extended Services Web  & REST
Two families of web service:
   4.a.Extended Web Service:
     >> Directory : UDDI ,
     >>Contract :WSDL .
      >>Consume : SOAP .

  Stack of Standars : 

 4.b.REST Web Service :(Representational State Transfer) : 
        -Used fro DOA(Data Oriented Architecture)
         -Use directly  HTTP instead of SOAP envelope.
         -Use URI to identify resource .
         -Use HTTP Methods(GET,POST,PUT,DELETE) to Perform CRUD operations . 
        Stack of Protocols& Langages for REST : 

 5.Web Service Providers :
Tow Types : 
>>Web Oriented Provider :=>Public
>>Entreprise Oriented Provider :

Reference : 

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