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Sep 26, 2012

helloWorld SpringRoo

Tuto 2 Spring Roo

 First Application With SpringRoo 

1)Create the folder of your project:

$ mkdir first-app
$ cd first-app
$ roo

2)hint Command:


=>the output from the "hint" command guides you through what to do next.

3)Create  the topLevel Package:

$roo> project --topLevelPackage slm.abdennour.springroo.firstapp

NOTE : Don't Forget (Tab) Key .

4)Create  Data Access Layer:

SpringRoo create the Data Access Layer by  developement of domain objects (JPA entities):
Let's Choose Hibernate as provider 
a*Create DataBase : 

$roo> jpa setup --provider HIBERNATE --database HYPERSONIC_IN_MEMORY

NOTE : Don't Forget hint's Command between Steps    $roo> hint .

b*Create Entities of DataBase : 
As it's the first Application , Database has one entity  which has two fields
  for Example: the entity is person , and the fields are firstname and lastname.

$roo> entity jpa --class ~.Person--testAutomatically

c*Create Fields of Entity : 
roo> hint
$roo> field string --fieldName firstname --notNull
$roo> field string --fieldName firstname --notNull

5)Create  Presentation Layer:

Creating RESTful Spring MVC web controllers is quick and easy using Roo.

$roo> web mvc setup
$roo> web mvc all --package ~.web

with the web mvc setup command the nature of the project changes from a normal Java project nature to a Web project nature

5)Selenium Tests:

The generated tests are located in the src/main/webapp/selenium folder and can be run via the following maven command

roo> selenium test --controller ~.web.PersonController
roo> perform tests

 deploying your web project is to create .war file from the project . 
To create war File ,Execute this Command
$roo> perform package

NOTE : this Command can take some time to finish .
7)Convert to Eclipse Project  :
 (perform eclipse) allows project import via eclipse
$roo>perform eclipse
it's equivalent to :
  $mvn eclipse:eclipse

8)Run Project in Application Server
>>Exit roo by this Command .
$roo> quit

$mvn tomcat:run


9)Source Code : 

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