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Nov 6, 2012

install 3g modem(Orange,Telecom,Tunisiana,Mobilis,A&T... ) on linux(ubuntu)

How to activate my 3G key(Orange Tunisia) under Linux(Ubuntu)
Comment fonctioner ma clé 3g (Orange Tunisie) sous linux (Ubuntu)
Wie fonctioner meinem USB 3G (Orange Tunesien) unter Linux (Ubuntu)
How fonctioner my USB 3G (Orange Tunisia) under linux (Ubuntu)

1) Download MoviStar 3.5G from this Link 

   to get URL  to Download MoviStar . Do a Request from .

2)Unzip File : 

2) Do the following Configuration for every file in MoviStar folder : 

3) Log as root on terminal and execute ./install file 

NOTE : You should Connect your 3G before  installing

Thank to My Freind Aymen MOUSSI who give me this soft

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